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4748 Sunshine Coast Highway RR 2, Sechelt BC

(604) 740-3700

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  • in response to: I was excited to hear that ...

    We had the pleasure of recently dining at Sirens By The Sea. What started out as a two star expectation, turned into a five star experience. With the assistance of our outstanding server " Melody", we started with the coconut curry Salt spring Island Mussels. The cocoa nut curry sauce blew us away! Have had mussels up and down the coast but nothing compared to these. I must mention this appetizer comes with garlic toast and WOW, there are a lot of chefs that could take lessons...... We followed this with the Sirens Burger. The best burger I have ever eaten! It was juicy, yet not under cooked and the toppings were fresh and spectacular. Speaking of fresh, it comes with both salad and fries, both top notch and made in house. With recommendations, the maple vinaigrette was mouth watering. I've never enjoyed a meal so much. We have a dinner club and eat out every week, wish this place was closer! Oh, and if this isn't enough get Melody to make you a gin Martini, it will blow you away! If you are on the Sunshine Coast , Sirens is a must, ask for Melody, she'll guide you to dinning euphoria ! Tony & Lorna thanks 5 out of 5

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      I'm sorry to hear that but there's no way u ever waited a hour when there's only one table don't diss a resturant cause ur an ass and can't get out before 12 hav sum lunch foods awesome and the veiw too enjoy it why u can

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      1. Terrible! Arrived before the breakfast had ended (at 12am) but our waitress was so slow that she final brought us menus after 12 and would not allow us to order our breakfast anymore. When we then ask about it we were told it was the customers fault. Every time I have attended this establishment it has been over an hour wait for food even when there is only one other table in the restaurant. Needless to say we left.

        I have been a long time customer here and I am finally fed up and will not be coming again!

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        1. I ' m sorry to hear that but there ' s no way ... »more
      2. Not a great meal! Ordered a steak medium and got well done. The server must have noticed it, as we didn't see her they the whole meal. No fresh water, no freshen the drinks, no how is your meal, nothing!!
        The chef did comp the steak and admitted it was WAY over cooked, we won't be back! BIG FAIL for this establishment!!!!

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        1. The food is fantastic but you really need to to serve your Kalamari again. It was delicious and that was one of the many reasons that we frequented your restaurant. Rating 5 stars. Thanks

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          1. Excellent service for a busy night. Hot wings were amazing and the penne pesto with steak was to die for. A little pricey but totally worth it.

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            1. The sizzling prawns and the fish and chips oh my god! The best ever.

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              1. The Sirens of Greek mythology attempted to lure Jason & the Argonauts onto the rocks with their beautiful song. Fortunately for the crew of the Argo, the Sirens of old did not back up their musical abilities with the culinary marvels that emerged from the kitchen at Sirens by the Sea, or else jason & his pals would have stood no chance! We opted for 4 selections from the appetizers section of the menu. The mussels, cooked in a blue cheese cream sauce were plentiful, rich & filling. They were fresh & hot & we made sure that they did not die in vain, emptying the entire bowl. We also ordered the wings, one of the specials that night. They came nicely coated with a balanced teriyaki sauce, again the dish was great value, exceptionally tasty & filling. To compliment these two choices, we decided on a bowl of yam fries. These little buggers can be tricky to cook, often resulting in an overly soggy or oily mess. Not in this case, the fries were golden & crisp all the way to the bottom of the bowl & the chipotle dip that accompanied them was also very good. The real star of the meal was the candied salmon salad. The leaf vegetables were very fresh, the dressing served on the side to allow the guest to control the taste. The candied salmon permeates the whole dish & lingers on the taste buds. I highly recommend this restaurant. The food, the staff, the location are all great, I live on the coast, but I travel the world & stay at some very high end hotels, the meals here compare very favourably with anything I have tasted in my travels. Well done!

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                1. in response to: The staff ruin the resturant . ...

                  Why dont you try booking in advance....generally an accepted practice for large for drinkling in the parking lot...grow up!

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                  1. Abco ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                    2012-03-12 21:38:46

                    in response to: I find the food to be ...

                    The staff ruin the resturant.

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                    1. Why dont you try booking in advance .... generally an accepted practice ... »more
                  2. I find the food to be spectacular, as well as the view. The waitresses need to learn about fine dining - say Hello when someone comes in, don't keep folding napkins for 3 minutes - be attentive!... but not overly attentive while they're eating. Do NOT bring the cheque until their glasses have been emptied, and PLEASE, PLEASE, do not remove plates until all diners have finished eating.

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                    1. The staff ruin the resturant . ... »more
                  3. Eggs Benny is to die for!! Best serving staff I have experienced on the Coast and the food never disappoints. Great cooks, great staff, great times!

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                    1. in response to: 14 people there to back up ...

                      My family visits sirens all the time and the food and service is always excellent. You must have caught your server at a bad momeNT so give them another chance we don't want to see another great restaurant close down . Let's support our local businesses.

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                      1. Abco ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                        2012-01-21 02:48:09

                        in response to: Unforgivably rude service and mediocre food . ...

                        14 people there to back up my claims, many more customers since have supported my claim. You have many more problems than someone else's spelling.

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                        1. My family visits sirens all the time and the food and ... »more
                      2. I just went there tonight for my tenth birthday and I'm usualy considered a picky eater but the service and food were the best I've ever had. The waitress was really nice to me always wishing me a happy birthday.

                        Michael Vitale,
                        Thanks for everything.

                        Comment on Mania's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                        1. My husband and I had a delightful New Year's dinner at Sirens last Saturday night, and then returned for a delicious brunch the next day. We had the same waitress both night and day, and we were extremely pleased with not only the service, but the food and it's presentation as well. I for one, can't believe that our waitress kept a smile on her face, and her head on straight both night and day, as Sirens must have been the busiest place on the coast. I would highly recommend both breakfast and dinner to anyone and am very much looking forward to trying their lunch menu.

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                          1. Northway ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                            2012-01-04 22:39:36 #day

                            Unforgivably rude service and mediocre food. I've never worked in a restaurant, but I'm certain that you should treat your customers respectfully, and not like they're inconveniencing you by coming in for lunch. Order errors and just plain rude service ruled the day. We were made to feel like unwelcome intruders in the female waitresses day and the meal taste and presentation was nothing short of lazy. No thank you.

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                            1. 14 people there to back up my claims , many more customers ... »more
                            THE STAFF AT THE LOCAL NEWSPAPER

                            Comment on adiuvo's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                            1. in response to: STAFF IS HORIBLE !!!!!! Our wedding party ...

                              Please, people, learn to spell, so your posts are credible. As far as the first posters experience being "horrible" - ? Barging in "unannounced on a family restaurant for their "wedding party"? We all know they were the ones being highly inconsiderate.

                              1. Reservations are required for a party of two for many places, let alone a party of 17 - out of the blue. Sirens or MOST restaurants will accommodate if the situation is ammenable all around. However, for a supper for 17 with high expectations to make the evening extra special and serve that many without preparation is rude and ill planned on the wedding party's part.

                              2. Those who "drink" or who are mildly inebreiated --- always seem to get on their "high horse" how innocent their louder voices or boisterous attitudes are in general. So, I am highly suspicious of the "party" being so pure and innocent in this situation.

                              3. The wait staff/proprietors have every right to make sure their staff and the EXISTING patrons have a good working environment/dining experience. This includes the right to not serve people who have been drinking and with even one more round of drinks become a different sort of "party problem" with which to handle. Been there, done that when waiting on tables as a teenager. AND been there done that with wait staff NOT recognizing a potential party problem and or letting a "party" get out of hand in a restaurant.

                              4. The Lighthouse PUB - note the word PUB - deals in BOOZE and drinking is the first game/name of THEIR business, so of course they would be the "to go place" for large or small parties. But even they like notice of 17 people coming for supper at once, although they do accommodate larger parties on short notice. That is because those people drinking are quite fine to WAIT for food and drink. And a pub is set up for continually serving a form of faster food and have HIRED sufficient people to manage their business in this fashion.

                              5. A family or dining restaurant is NOT the place to go "drinking" with a meal. It is a place to have ONE or TWO drinks with a meal. So people wanting a restaurant to HOST a wedding celebration PARTY are the ones out of line with inconsiderate behaviour to NOT reserve for their "parties" meal. And they are NOT the only ones in the world, which relates to the FACT that they are NOT the only people dining out. It is OUR experience too and we are very appreciative that a wait staff would 6. Sirens is a family style dining experience, with a beautiful location looking over the Georgia Strait. The atmosphere is one of quieter dining so people can share a meal and conversation and time together. As a Davis Bay resident, my experiences there have been good overall.

                              If the party of 17 people were clear minded and PREPARED with a proper RESERVATION ahead of time, they would have enjoyed a fabulous evening out in one of the most beautiful spots in B.C. Something must have "clouded" their vision to not realize their bad experience was their OWN fault and to blame the restaurant doubles the poor judgment of the posters party.

                              Comment on leviter's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                              1. in response to: I think the food is excellent . ...

                                We go there quite often too, but it appears most restuarant's/pub's on the coast increase their prices during the summer months, at least that is a trend we are starting to see.

                                Comment on Pojangmacha's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                1. I visited Sirens for the first time last weekend. It was my son's 30th birthday, and I was looking for somewhere nice to take him to celebrate. After reading the last reviews I was sceptical, but thought I'd give it a shot. We were very warmly welcomed at the door by a very nice staff member, who sat us at a beautiful table with a gorgeous view. Our server was very knowledgable about not only the delicious food menu, but also the extensive wine list, which we endulged in, with no problems at all. My son enjoyed the tenderlion special, while I tried the cedar planked salmon. Both of our meals were perfectly cooked to order, and everything was delicious. The staff were all very friendly, helpful and welcoming, and the food raised above our expectations. In my opinion, without a doubt, Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse is the BEST restaurant on the sunshine coast!

                                  Comment on Lachsschinken's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                  1. I think the food is excellent. Staff are very accomodating. We go here quite often as we live in Davis Bay. It appears though, that they have increased their prices - during the summer at least - the poor tourists at $29.00 a plate at least I don't understand how they think they can last unless they lower their prices to accomodate the locals during the off season. This has happened to other restaurants and I would hate to see them shut down. Good luck - we need this restaurant.

                                    Comment on elemosina's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                    1. We go there quite often too , but it appears most restuarant ... »more
                                  2. We sat for 20 minutes/ Got water but no drink no nothing for those 20 minutes. Did not see,m that busy.
                                    No thanks.

                                    Comment on Millidgeville's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                    1. Sirens Rocks Best Food On The Coast And The Most Beautiful View

                                      Comment on Almira's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                      1. MONTIGNY ★★ Fair 2 out of 5

                                        2011-01-21 09:16:45 /

                                        Jan. 20, 2011
                                        Went for the prime rib night. The food was very good.
                                        The service was rather insulting. There were 4 of us 3 woman and 1 man, 3 of the 4 well over 70. The server greeted us with hi guys and even though it was pointed out to her that 3 of us were female, she continued to address the table as guys no less than 10 times. Not very classy and reflects poorly on the restaurant.

                                        Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse's response to this review: EVERYONE ONE HAS AN OFF DAY, NO ONES PERFECT. SERVICE IS NORMALY AWESOME AND THEY HAVE THE BEST FOOD IN TOWN.
                                        Comment on MONTIGNY's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                        1. My husband and I have been to Sirens by the Sea three times now. Each time we had some of the most professional service we have had on the coast outside of Chasters (in a completely different price category). Our waiters were prompt, pleasant and efficient. They made good suggestions and everything we ordered was perfectly prepared and delicious.

                                          We are going back again tonight.

                                          Comment on Feed's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                          1. Fabulous food and a fabulous view. Service was friendly and the staff made sure my two young grand sons had a great time ensuring my 72nd birthday dinner was a grand success!

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                                            1. Papamios ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                              2010-08-27 04:52:27 /

                                              Went to this restaurant with my girlfriend to celebrate out 5th anniversary. It looked very nice and everyone seemed happy. We were seated outside on the patio so we could watch the sunset.

                                              A dumpy looking waitress took our order for drinks and appetizers, which eventually showed up 20 minutes later. I ordered a pineapple juice as I was driving that night, and it was so sour that I couldn't take another sip of it. It had most definitely expired. I told the waitress and she took it back and poured me one from a new carton. IT was much better.

                                              10 minutes after we had our drinks the appetizers came, a bowl of very dry chicken wings, with some really good hot-sauce, and some of the best tasting garlic prawns I have ever had. The garlic toast was also very good.

                                              At this point the couple behind us flagged down the waitress who brought us our food and asked to be served, as they had been ignored the whole evening! I was floored by that.

                                              Another 10 minutes and our food arrived, and so did the couple's drinks. I had ordered the Blue Cheese Steak, and had asked for it to be done just rare. I took a nice big bite and realised that the middle was still cold. There's rare, blue-rare, and then raw, and this was raw. I felt like vomiting. I asked the waitress to stick it back on the grill until it was rare, like I asked for the first time, and a few minutes later got it back. It was overcooked, there was no juice to it and the meat was all dark grey. The steak was also at least half fat, every time I put some in my mouth all I could feel and taste was the fat and grease. While I had been waiting, I tried the vegetables which were rock hard. The mashed potato was good though, it reminded me of that instant mashed potato you get from super-valu.

                                              They call themselves a steak house, but don't know how to cook a rare steak. When I'm paying good money for a nice meal, I at least want to get what I ordered.

                                              Another impression I got was that the portions looked really small. Some places dress their stuff up a lot, and it looks like there is a lot more, but these guys... I don't know, it was filling (as in I didn't want to eat anymore), but it didn't look like much at all.

                                              The next day I talked to my boss about the place, who told me his horror stories about reserving for a party of 10 and when they got there being told that they don't accomodate parties larger than 8, apparently it's their rule. An expensive bottle of white wine was also ordered, but served warm...

                                              Most people I have talked to about this place seem to have the same impressions I do. Word spreads fast around here, I don't think they will be around much longer.

                                              Comment on Papamios's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                              1. Four of us went to Sirens By The Sea for dinner on August 21, 2010. After making reservations, I read the reports and wondered if we had made a mistake. We were very surprised and pleased. Dinner was excellent. Two had the Rib-eye steak special, one had the New York steak and one had the Roasted Red Pepper pasta. They were cooked to our specification and the presentation was well done. Two desserts (Almond Ice Cream cake and Chocolate Eruption) were delicious. The server was very friendly, even when we asked for separate bills and made it very confusing for her, she remained friendly and professional. We will definitely be going back to this restaurant!

                                                Comment on Nichabau's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                                1. What a relief that Goochie is here to tell us all that our opinions don't matter. Whew. I was hoping someone could come along and tell us what to enjoy... I have to say that it is a relief that all of those bad breakfasts that I had at Molly's Reach and at the Gumboot were actually good. I just didn't know it until now!

                                                  I am sure a rancid pile of greasy potato cakes and some over cooked eggs at Molly's Reach will suffice for you, or maybe two thin slices of some raw-ish grilled Bacon for $4.00 on top of your $8.95 two crappy eggs with dry potatoes and that bread... oh god that bread at the Gumboot. What are they thinking? They should leave it in the mixer a little longer so you can anchor your boat with it. Not to mention the service at the Gumboot is awful on a good day. That place has to have the rudest group of people ever assembled in one building. Not to mention the parking lot has pot holes the size of moon craters. Why wouldn't they just fill them in?

                                                  But my opinion doesn't matter because Goochie says so.

                                                  Since Goochie let us know that our opinion doesn't matter and since I told myself as was said in the Sin post I will try it again.

                                                  My first experience at Sirens was terrible. Reflecting basically what all the negative reviews here have said. Not wanting to give up on the idea of having a decent place to go to breakfast I tried it again and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

                                                  I did play it safe however. No benny's (couldn't handle the desecration of such a culinary institution again). Ordered my eggs scrambled because I didn't have time to send my eggs back until they got them right and I hate over cooked eggs.

                                                  I went for coffee and skipped the juice.

                                                  I had a good meal.

                                                  The bacon wasn't deep fried the potatoes weren't burnt and had nice flavour. The sausages were cooked nicely and my eggs were good. Totally acceptable.

                                                  Although I did enjoy it and it was acceptable I expect a steakhouse to be over the top and decadent. That is what they are all about. Anything less is just a Keg. That's what Sirens is. A mediocre Keg with a terrible name, but don't take my opinion because I am not Goochie.

                                                  I was seriously considering going in for dinner but upon reading Faux1's post about rancid meat... I think I may reconsider... if that is ok with you Goochie?

                                                  Comment on comedo's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                                  1. procinctu ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                    2010-06-29 23:06:49 /

                                                    My wife and I went for dinner, and it was a *shockingly bad* meal.

                                                    We started with some ribs and a salad. To their credit, the ribs were cooked perfectly - not so trender as to lose their texture, but tender enough to pull off the bone cleanly with a fork. However, the sauce was generic and bland, and there was no smokiness to the ribs whatsoever. The salad might have been alright if they had tossed it in the dressing and put a lot less (easily half a cup on ours) of a higher quality goat's cheese. Unfortunately they opted to serve the extremely thick dressing on the side, which resulted in a rather comical attempt on my part to dress more than the two leaves on which the dressing had landed. Not a big deal, just something they ought to (have) consider(ed).

                                                    We got the tenderloin, to share, as our main course. I ordered it medium rare, and when it arrived, I could immediately tell that it was quite overcooked. Again, not a big deal. I cut the steak through the center, and sure enough, there wasn't a hint of pink left. I understand that judging the temperature of a tenderloin is more difficult than most cuts of meat because the fibres run top to bottom, but this is a *steakhouse*, and they just served me a *well done* tenderloin. Gross. Normally I would just eat it and choose never to return, but tenderloin has little or no fat content, so a well-done tenderloin is about as appetizing as a hockey puck, a michelin tire, or the sole of a nike.

                                                    For the second time in my life (and I eat out a lot), I returned my meal. Just the steak, mind you - we kept the rest to nibble on while we waited. That turned out to be a mistake. The asparagus was so badly charred that it was as flaky as a mille-feuille pastry...and hollow! The carrots were so horribly overcooked that they hadn't an ounce of carrot flavour left, and when I stacked several and pressed my fork through them, we had baby food in seconds. The mashed potatoes were bland and very dry. At this point, my wife and I were having a ball making fun of the food, enjoying the lovely sunset over the water and each others' company.

                                                    Then the replacement steak arrived. First of all, the butcher hadn't removed the chain from the tenderloin before portioning it, so I had this bizzare second piece of meat sticking off the side of the steak. Unfortunately, the chain is normally removed because it is surrounded by thick veins of fat and sinew which don't break down when cooked. Amateur hour. Then I cut into the steak - the good news is that it was a perfect medium-rare (although it wasn't rested, but I understand that they probably just didn't want me to wait any longer than I already had), the bad news was that it was *expletive deleted* GREEN! I took a small bite, and sure enough, they had just served me RANCID MEAT!! I told my (pregnant) wife not to eat any, threw my napkin over it, had some wine to wash the sour taste from my mouth, paid the bill and left.

                                                    The service and atmosphere were just fine, but whoever is making the decisions about the food (I don't want to use the word chef because, clearly, a chef they are not!) is clueless, and whoever is cooking it just doesn't care.

                                                    I'll never go back, obviously.

                                                    Comment on procinctu's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                                    1. Dude went there for breakfast and my benny and everything for that matter was excellent... good job... i will for sure be back.

                                                      Comment on wafers's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                                      1. I gotta say I appreciate your comments/description of your Siren's experience. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years I am not a fan of 1time only customer based restaurant service. I'll still check it out but its nice to have an idea of where you are going.

                                                        Comment on exhaustive's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                                        1. Just to make a small note of the comment by sin on 2010-05-24...

                                                          There are many great places for breakfast on the lower coast and I'm happy to hear there's now another. Gumboot is a great place for breakfast eats both the cafe and restaurant & Molly's Reach is great as well.

                                                          Your review read more like a rant, suck it up buddy and quit your bitching, they just opened.

                                                          Comment on Cinq's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse

                                                            Comment on GLADE's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                                            1. I was excited to hear that there was a steakhouse open on the Sunshine Coast!

                                                              I had heard that there was going to be a steakhouse opening in Gibsons, but I guess I had heard wrong as beautiful Davis Bay is the new home of this classic and long needed addition to our little community. It was out of the blue with no warning, no noticeable construction and no real advertising that I saw.

                                                              Sirens by the Sea Steakhouse is located in the building that once housed the questionable sushi restaurant in Davis Bay.

                                                              I couldn't find a website but is always first with a phone number or web address.

                                                              No website to speak of but I called to ask if there was anywhere online that I could view the menu and was told that they were working on the website but the menus are posted outside the front door. I really wanted a steak, so I asked about making a reservation, but they had not begun dinner service, just breakfast and lunch. I was disappointed that there was no dry aged porter house in my immediate future but I love that there is a new place for breakfast in a town that doesn't really embrace breakfast.

                                                              Breakfast on the Sunshine Coast is really an exercise in disappointment. You could always drive out to the fancy resorts in Halfmoon Bay and Madeira Park for a $30 per person brunch and a half a day gone. Or there is the Village Restaurant in Sechelt that puts out a decent rendition of the cheap 2 eggs, b/h or s, toast and hashbrowns for 5 or 7 bucks with a coffee and a juice your outta there for around $10 and satisfied but I want more. I won't bore you with my other stories on the coast but I have to say that from top to bottom... Nobody in lower coast can seem to pull off breakfast. So a steakhouse that serves breakfast was exciting enough for me to get down there, eat brunch, check the menu to plan my return for premium steaks!

                                                              I invite two friends and we are off. The sign and the name don't leave a lot to the imagination and I know that Sirens by the Sea sounds like a set location from Miami Vice, but once you walk through the doors it feels steakhouse-y...

                                                              leather (or pleather), reasonably comfortable chairs and an obviously cleaned up, but virtually untouched dining room, even the lingering odor of soy sauce.

                                                              We were sat in the lower dining room and given menus that listed an array of benny's an omelet or two and a couple of other things, but I wanted the benny with the avo-bacon-cheddar.

                                                              We tried to order Caesar's but they did not have their liquor license yet... I found this very strange especially since it had just been a Sushi Restaurant with a license, but however... I had juice as well as one of my friends while the other had tea. The juices were disappointing as they we obviously straight out of the tetra pack... onto ice in a rocks glass. Personally I believe juice should not be served over ice unless requested and serving concentrate juices in a Steakhouse is not what I expected. My other guest said their tea tasted like it was made with dirty coffee water and was only luke warm. We struggled through it waiting for our breakfasts... for 45 minutes.

                                                              We were having pleasant conversations but we were getting impatient. My friend wanted more hot water for her tea and it took some 20 minutes and they didn't even replace the tea bag. Out juices were almost empty and we didn't really want to order another as they were just one step up from Tang.

                                                              I must note that I found the pricing on the menu very reasonable... which is uncommon for a steakhouse in my experience. Steakhouses are typically quite expensive, but you get what you pay for. Decadence and quality ingredients are what it is about. Also the only steak offered was a 6 oz sirloin... I pegged the lack of dinner service yet as to whey there wasn't more steaks and left it at that but my concerns were founded.

                                                              It was the runner up for the worst breakfast I have had on the sunshine coast, but coupled with the fact that they cannot get eggs right then it seems impossible to me that they are going to get a steak right. The eggs were hard (ordered soft) + English muffin - Stale + hollandaise - awful (way to lemony and completely flat. Barely even a sauce but more like warm whipped butter. + greasy partially burnt hash browns - dried up skinny orange slices + small portions = a tourist trap diner... not a steakhouse.

                                                              Where is my 10 oz NY steak mid rare with over easy free range eggs and a chunk of sour dough bread smothered in whipped butter and fresh preserves? Pile of crispy, cheesy spuds? light, smooth hollandaise? Smiling faces with fat bellies?

                                                              I would have happily paid a 1/3 more for a steakhouse experience and twice as much for steakhouse portions and as much as you wanted to charge me for a serious steak. Instead we got disappointed... again.

                                                              Instead we went to the taco truck on the side of the beach and had a great little selection of eats that were way closer to the standard of a steakhouse then Sirens.

                                                              I am going to go back for Dinner in a couple of months as everyone has an off day, but now my excitement has has turned into skepticism.

                                                              Please, oh please will the sirens of the sea seduce the chef into your waters and teach him/her to cook a steak, or I will just have to continue all the way to Vancouver to enjoy the great steaks at Hi's or Gotham to get my meat fix?

                                                              I eat I drink I breath and I want more!

                                                              Comment on comedo's Review of Sirens By The Sea Steakhouse
                                                              1. We had the pleasure of recently dining at Sirens By ... »more
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